No battery,No switch required,New Arrival Rechargeable LED Candle

One electronics candle how to operated working without battery or switch? Someone must be confuse about this. How to do that? Recently, our engineer develop stylish led light candle, Which call magic light -glowworm. The Magic Light -Glowworm advantage as below; 1.Flipping them on their side turn off, no need to find the little switch on the bottom. 2.Built-in double led chips,enough brightness and not stress the eyes,flickering like real candle. 3.Built-in 400mA rechargeable battery,can continous working 8 hours after full charge,energy-saving. If you also want to know more about this product, pls do not hesitate contact us.


Some new improvements of flameless candle

Candle is very important for home decor when in festival. It can easily create warm atmosphere,elegant feeling around the space. The traditional style candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax, which is easily cause fire,when buring,the melted wax dribbled down the side of the candle,very incovenient. Nowadays, more and more people would like the flameless candle,the shape, the brightness,looks like the real candle. What new improvements of new flameless candle? 1.The material: flameless candle main material is ABS or plastic,lower material cost. 2.No wick, the led chips insider offer brightness,safety and environmental. 3.Two AA battery support the whole candle working, working time about 150H. 4.Remote control operated, per-timer function available. Imagine, you invite your girlfriend for dinner, and setting the timer. When she arrive, all the candle bright. What a romantic scene! Want to know more about the improvements of flameless candle, reach us here!


What are the benefits of LED flameless candle

The greatest benefits of the flameless candle is safetfy, the ease and convenience of operation and the reduced cost compared to traditional candles. No mess,no flame, no worry of causing a fire or blowing out. The second benefits is environmentally? The traditional candles release harmful toxins and oils into the air. while lameless candles, continuously working for over 150 hours,only one AA battery. Means that you don’t have to replace them constantly, which creates less waste. Third, the flameless candle is a great decoration, creating beautiful mood lighting. Make every night feel like a special occasion.


Latest product launched–Solar decorative lighting

Today  one of our latest product launched. The Novelty lighting Solar decorative lighting. Solar powered can decorate your garden with energy from the solar and do not require additional cost. Long working time : Up to 8 hours of continuous lighting with a single fully battery charge, charges even on cloudy days and winter Place these solar string lights around the garden or trees to decorate your outdoor space or replace your traditional plug-in string lights with these solar-powered beauties. Item is waterproof to suit for using outdoor and indoor.