Christmas Candle

Set of 20 remote control LED candle light flickering flameless RGB LED light candle with detachable

Variety function for optional,Single color,RGB,timer,waterproof etc;
Ultra-thin remote controller,3v power supply standby 180days;(1.5V AAA battery)
Integrated design, clip can be used separately;
Remote control more then 8m;
The MCU program control three candles flash modes

Set of 20 Electric Candle Lights LED Timer
Electronic candle is very light and are easily attached to thin branches with a clip. Perfectly for seasonal decor. witj infrared remote control,the light can easily be dimmed, or the flicker, which is more convenient.

Performance indicators of electric Candle Performance indicators of remote control
Operating Voltage 1.5V size AAA/LR03 Operating voltage 3V
Maximum Current 9mA Maximum current 3mA
Standby Current 60uA Standby Current 10uA
Working Time >180hours Working time >100days
Standby time >100days Remote distance >5m
Material ABS
Color Warm white/RGB
Outlook With drop/no-drop
Function Common/Timer/Waterproof optional
Package 10pcs/Set ,20pcs/Set and customized
Available size 1.8*10cm (with AA battery)

1.5*8.8cm(with AAA battery)

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