New arriaval! warm brightness led light, relax nightlight(private mode)

  • Make your moments more magical with this warm, welcoming, and worry-free tea candle. Forget about fretting over open flames, dripping wax, and unwanted fragrances.
  • Create beautiful safe mood lighting with the bedside light,Perfect for home decor,special occasions.
  • A beautiful decoration,crystal bedside light have an attractive crystal cube design that enhances the decor of any room and that makes a wonderful decoration for parties

Crystal Bedside Light
Create beautiful safe mood lighting with the beside light. Set the mood during a romantic meal or at an evening barbecue and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. The Remote Control LED Candles are ideal for locations where traditional flame candles would be dangerous or impractical such as window ledges close to curtains or outdoors when it is windy.

Freepower LED bedside Lights contain warm white LED lights that provide soft illumination that looks just like a flame of a candle. With these bedside lights, you can choose from steady illumination or a flickering mode of operation that looks as much like a lit tealight as possible. Once loaded with three AAA batteries of your choosing, the flickering LED candle lights will supply up to 120 hours of illumination without any of the risks or problems associated with candles.

Now,Enjoy the beauty of flickering beside light without worrying about smoke, fire or wax

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