ultrasonic nebulizer sd

Easy Operated Ultrasonic Nebulizer

This Ultrasonic Nebulizeris an ideal product for those who need to nebulizer on the go.Now you can travel or rest at home without worrying about the nebuliser, it can be used at anywhere and anytime as you like.

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Ultrasonic frequency: 115 MHz
-Konsumsi Power: 2w
-Kapasitas Cup: 25 ml
-Size Particles: 5 micrometre (um) approx
-Power Supply: rechargeable battery

Package including:
1 x Ultrasonic Inhaler (the original retail package)
2 x mask (1 * adult size, 1 * pediatric size)
2 x pieces of mouth
1 x USB charger
1 x Free English manual

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