Pillar wax candle soft flickering AA battery operated candle

Flicker LED brightness like traditional candle’s brightness.
Continuous burners give you the design and feeling of a real candle as well as safety through battery operated.
Dirt and overflowing wax are a thing of the past!

Flameless Flicker Candle/Battery Operated Candle
Make your moments at home more magical with this warm, welcoming, and worry-free flicker candle.Forget about fretting over open flames, dripping wax, and unwanted fragrances. The carefree convenience of this unscented candle comes courtesy of a realistic flickering movement and a built-in timer so you can set it and forget it. Let it effortlessly and elegantly add ambiance to your decor from pedestals, sconces, lanterns, or standing alone. Perfectly presentable with its own remote control and gift box. One C-batteries included.

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